About Nepali Expert

NepaliExpert.com is a fully community website devoted to all Nepalese people living around the globe and those who concerned to Nepali community. We intend to serve everyone with better knowledge and keeping up ourselves with society's norms and value. Nepali Forum for everyone.

You can now have any kind of discussion with no limit.

Idea Behind the Birth
We have been struggling to find a quality discussion forum for Nepali community. Most of the available forums are not serving to share knowledge. Yes, you are hearing right, they are more focused on hits, not the quality content. If you visit available forums, most of the time you will find them posting nudity news, pics and discussion and also spreading hoax.

Then we realised we need to be responsible for those who needs a true information, knowledge of our community or of anything else. Serving society with quality knowledge, ideas, information derived us in one point to having a new Nepali Forum for all.

What Do We Expect?
We are more concern on society and it's values. Everyone will value/respect others and their views and provide a wise comment/answer on them. To have fair use of it, our team will be constantly watching over the different activities.